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Partner with UAE’s first drone manufacturers to bring your drone initiative to life. Our advance manufacturing facility create the best drone designs that are built to last. Working with us gives you a quick and straightforward road to safer, faster, and cost-efficient operation.

Drone UAV

Why we are here

Developing the idea of unmanned flight systems among societies and benefiting from the capabilities of drones for the public interest as well as in air transport according to the latest international standards, and enhancing the position of the United Arab Emirates globally as an influential party in the industry of training the human mind in unmanned flight systems, achieving growth and economic sustainability, and implementing systems regulations and procedures to ensure the safety of air transport.

Drones That Make Your Operations Safer, Faster and More Cost-Effective

Tested to withstand adverse environments and built with solid engineering principles, we manufacture our drones to be reliable, safe, and efficient. Compared to OEMs, our drones are purposefully built to thrive in their workload.

Here To Support You

We are personally invested in your organization’s success. Our relationship with you is a partnership rather than transactional in nature. At iTOD, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and empowering your operations to be better. Find a solution that addresses your specific needs by partnering with a knowledgeable drone manufacturer.