02 JUNE 2022

ITOD UAV STORK-25TL at Dubai Helishow


ITOD UAV at Dubai Police UAS Experts Workshop

3rd November 2022
Dubai Police HQ, UAE


ITOD Aircrafts Manufacturing LLC held its first ever live flight demonstration event for Commercial UAS ‘STORK-25TL’ on 02 June 2022 at the north of Adhen Village, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The event showcase the UAV’s performance and endurance capabilities, with services such as mapping, surveillance, payload delivery.

ITOD Aircraft Manufacturing is going to start the domestic production of STORK-25TL lightweight, electrical, helicopter-type drones at their facility in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The STORK-25TL drone is capable to carry up to 7 kg payload at the flying (return) range of more than 30 kilometers with the cruising speed around 60 km/hour. In general, the machine goes faster, further and more stable than most of the same-range competitors available in the market. 

First samples of STORK-25TL drones have been successfully demonstrated with the aim of drawing new skyline for monitoring, logistic and security applications that may substantially improve the UAE official and private services.

During the demonstration flights vehicles have confirmed an outstanding capacity that include flight beyond the vision field in the mountainous area, detailed inspection of communication tower, road traffic distance monitoring. The high summer temperature that challenged visitors, from the other side ensured potential buyers in UAV’s ability to high performance during local hot summer season.

ITOD Aircraft Manufacturing L.L.C. confirms that first UAE made UAV will be produced and delivered to first customers in August and annual production capacity will be around 50 machines with expansion possibility that will depend on orders quantity. The company is also planning conversion of real man-controlled helicopters into the drones by further utilization of state-of-the-art autonomous control technology developed by ITOD Company.

The conversion allows brining to service drones that could be used for dangerous missions, 24/7 duties, flights in contaminated areas.

ITOD UAV STORK-25TL at Dubai Helishow

iTOD UAV presented its STORK-25TL UAS at Dubai Helishow exhibition on 24th to 26th October 2022 at Dubai Harbour, UAE. The 3 day event feature exhibits and a high-level conference on the helicopter sector, the military & homeland sector as well as the manned and unmanned aerial vehicle technology and operations industry. The event was dedicated to represents a unique opportunity for the international helicopter and UAV/drone community to showcase their products, services and technologies covering the commercial, civil defense, and military helicopter markets. The exhibition was visited by representatives of government structures and law enforcement entities from the UAE, KSA, Oman and other countries of the region.

It’s a great opportunity for the VTOL community to network with potential customers, including state delegates and trade visitors from the MENA and Indian Subcontinent region.

The characteristics, performances and endurance capabilities of STORK-25TL were presented in the exhibition, and aroused great interest among visitors of the exhibition, especially law enforcement entities, as well as companies operating UAVs and providing various services for inspection and monitoring of various infrastructure projects.

ITOD UAV at Dubai Police UAS Experts Workshop

On 3rd November 2022, iTOD UAV participated in Unmanned Aerial System Experts Workshop hosted by Dubai Police HQ, the General Department of Operations at Dubai Police Officer’s Club.


The General Department of Operations at Dubai Police Headquarters brings together experts and specialists in the field of UAS particularly drones, dialogue sessions and workshops were held alongside the recent international forum on drones. The forum focused on sharing the best practices and solutions to potential challenges associated with the usage of drones.