Flight Endurance
0 mnts
Max Payload
0 kg
Operation Range
0 km
Operation Ceiling
0 m

STORK-25TL is a multipurpose electric helicopter type drone designed to solve a wide range of tasks in various spheres of industry and public service.


It is fully automatic takeoff, en-route flight and landing, fully autonomous drone that is able to fly without GPS. Relying on the computer vision it can detect and avoid obstacles and identify safe zones for landing.

Electric motor with replaceable batteries significantly increases the autonomy of the UAV.

Ergonomic design provides the efficiency of missions and easy operation at all stages.

Extended flight performance in reduced visibility, fog, rain, snow and in emergency cases (smog, fire, flood, landslide, etc.).


STORK-25TL is designed for Data collection and processing, Security and safety, Special missions (smoke and fire detection, assessment of the consequences of emergencies, monitoring of the radiation situation, ice reconnaissance, gas leakage detection) and Urgent deliveries of cargo up to 7 kg.


  • Flight without GPS
  • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
  • Safe Landing Zone Detection
  • Precision landing system
  • Customizable software

Design Features

  • Modular Platform
  • Compact Size


Vertical take-off and landing;
Flight in automatic mode;
Flight by waypoints;
Flight task assignment with consideration of the peculiarities of the area;

Planning the flight route in advance and adjusting it during the flight

depending on the object (linear or areal);

Quick change of the landing point;
Route adjustment during the flight mission;
Payload control in flight mode;
Displaying the location of the unmanned aircraft on a map;

Downloading maps in various formats as well as downloading from map

servers (Google, etc.);

Real-time transmission of a video signal from an unmanned aircraft to a

ground control station;

Monitoring the flight of an unmanned aircraft and its parameters (altitude,

speed, quality of signal from the ground control station, battery charge)

during the flight in the real time;

In case of the lost communication signal, return to launch, continuation of the

flight following the route, or choosing another scenario;

Geodetic referencing of the images obtained with the camera to their

geographic coordinates.


Parameters Data
Max. Flight Time (without payload)
120 min.
Max. Airspeed
108 km/h
Cruise Speed
60 km/h
Max. Wind Speed
15 m/s
Service Ceiling
2 000 m
Max. Load Capacity
7 kg
Empty Helicopter Weight
18.5 kg
Max. Take-off Weight
25 kg
600 mm
2130 mm
630 mm
Rotor Diameter
2600 m
IP Rating
IP 66
Operational Range
50 km
Temperature Range
-30 deg. C to +45 deg. C
Motor Type
Replaceable Accumulator Batteries
2 pcs.
Nominal voltage
50.4 V
Max. Battery Power
3 kW