Flight Endurance
0 hours
Max Payload
0 kg
Operation Range
0 km
Operational Ceiling
0 m
Durable and long-range fixed-wing drones designed for security solutions, long-range missions, and commercial applications. Completely automated from take-off to landing, this Stork FW-15 is resistant to jamming and can live stream from up to 100 km away. The plane has 4 power Li-on batteries with a total capacity of 64Ah. The Stork FW-15 empowers you with low operating costs, a long operational lifespan, and easy deployment and recovery. Given the modular nature of the drone, maintenance becomes simpler as well.


Parameters Data
Cruising speed
20 m/sec (65.6 ft/sec)
Maximum speed
30 m/sec (98.5 ft/sec)
Max. Payload
4 kg (8.8 lb)
15 kg (33 lb)
Max. climbing capacity
4 m/s (7.8 kts)
Max. wind speed while take-off or landing
10 m/s (19.5 kts)
Flight time
4 hours
Operational range
220 km (136.7 mi)
Practical ceiling
3,500 m (11,483 ft) ISA
Digital data link
up to 100 km (up to 62 mi)
Telemetry and control data link
up to 100 km (up to 62 mi)


Parameters Data
3,650 mm (143.7 in)
875 mm (34.5 in)
347 mm (13.6 in)
Empty weight
8 kg (17.6 lb)
Emergency landing
Onboard power supply
24V, LI-Ion
Powered by
Electric motor 2000W
Level surface
Takeoff and Landing 100 x 100 m
Ground support equipment
Not required
Takeoff technique
Catapult or bungee
Recovery system
Parachute landing
Operating temperature
from -20 °C to +40 °C